Warranty conditions


This warranty is valid within the territories of the Member States of the European Union, as well as the Member States of the European Economic Area. For other countries consult current legislation or local distributor.

warranty repair 36 months

During a period of 36 months from the date of purchase of the product, by the first end user, in accordance with the Royal decree law 7/2021, of 27 of April, SUBBLIM DESIGNS, S.L. (hereinafter “SUBBLIM”) will respond to any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the Good and during the warranty period, in the terms and under the conditions established in the aforementioned standard, Covering only official brand products. This guarantee also includes original accessories, understanding as such all the components included in the original box.

This guarantee will not be applicable if the defect has been caused by the buyer and/or by any third party due to improper use., negligence, use or employment of the Good other than that for which it was conceived, use or installation of the product not in accordance with the instructions in the manual, or for any other cause not related to material or manufacturing defects, like battery drain (Except for defects in material or workmanship), cosmetic damage (scratches, breaks), third party software, contact with liquids or fire, breakdowns caused by natural disasters, as well as modifications or repairs not authorized by SUBBLIM.

Warranty management involves the repair and, in case of not being possible, replacement of any appliance, part or component that presents a malfunction caused by a manufacturing defect. The replaced or defective parts or the replaced Good will pass at the disposal of SUBBLIM. The work necessary to carry out this management will always be carried out in the facilities authorized by SUBBLIM, that is, through the point of sale where you purchased the Good or through the SUBBLIM Technical Service, for which you must contact us through the: Contact Form

As far as possible, the Good will be delivered for the guarantee in its original box and with the accessories that the product included at the time of purchase.. Does not include other accessories and external media, (pendrive, SD cards, SIM, etc.) unless expressly requested by the Technical Service. SUBBLIM will not be responsible for the replacement of the accessories and media sent without prior authorization.

SUBBLIM cannot guarantee the repair or replacement of the Goods covered by this guarantee without risk of loss of information or data.. Therefore, SUBBLIM will not be held responsible for said loss, neither explicitly nor implicitly.

We recommend making a backup or backup of the contained and important data, to avoid its loss and send the Good without information in its memory, or with the original factory information as far as possible.

The change or repair of the product does not extend the initial warranty period, although the time elapsed during the management of replacement or repair of the product will not be taken into account for the purposes of calculating the warranty period.

During the time that the repair lasts, The damages derived from the period of time that the product is out of service will not be claimed or paid.

Replacement during the first 15 days

If during the 15 days after purchasing the product, if the Good has a manufacturing defect, SUBBLIM undertakes to replace this product with a completely new unit of the same model. If for Stock reasons it is not possible to replace it with the same model, This would be done by a model with the same or better features than the original product.. This management will not involve any type of expense for the end user and will be carried out through the same point of sale where the Good was purchased..

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